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introduce Masterclass by industry experts in specialized Business Areas like Legal, Technology, Leadership, and Marketing & Sales. The structured Masterclass curriculum provides guidance to angel investors and budding Startup Founders in their Entrepreneurial Journey.

The objective is to sharpen the transformation of Start-up Founders into successful entrepreneurs

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Webinar on Artificial Intelligence: Answering the questions of human curiosity

The session will cover how entrepreneurs and businesses can use AI effectively in their domain and help start-up founders explore opportunities in deep tech.

With 18 years of research, technology and innovation Dr. Gaurav Gandhi has extensive experience in team management, strategy formulation and scaling opportunities for technology and research related projects. He holds a B.Tech in Electronics and Communications, Delhi University and a PhD in Infobionics from Pazmany Peter Catholic University. Gaurav has authored more than two dozen research papers in International journals, book chapters and conferences and delivered more than 50 public talks on technology, with specific focus on AI and ML development. He has been awarded fellowship from Royal Academy of Engineering, UK and Residency (entrepreneurship) at Microsoft Ventures.

Webinar on How NOT to fundraise

This webinar will cover about:
-Do’s and don’ts of seed fundraising
-How to navigate your startup
-Make your business investment ready
Utkarsh Roy is the co-founder of Introbot, a Whatsapp bot that lets you network and find intros to people in the startup ecosystem. He is a Computer Science graduate from University of Toronto, Canada with Canada Govt’s NSERC scholarship and has been a Stanford Graduate School of Business’s Ignite Fellow. He has previously been a part of Cisco USA and helped build Cisco cloud platform as a founding engineer. As a passion project, Utkarsh runs Founders Circle, a community of 1500+ founders from 40+ countries comprising of 11 chapters worldwide. He is passionate about building and scaling early-stage start-ups and has been a mentor for start-ups.

Webinar on Free Open Source Software (FOSS) Usage in and its un-common compliance obligations for Commercial Product Code

The session will cover about how using open source software in and with your Product Code impact commercial value of the product and its marketability during M&As.
Govind Preet Singh has been immersed in FOSS compliance for over 12 Years dealing first-hand with multiple – multi-million dollar M&A transactions, and Global Product Launches with total realization of net value/revenue of clients of over USD 5 Billion in its Product life-time. He specializes in Software Composition Analysis and generating SPDX compliant SBOMs for submitting to Governance Bodies across Americas, Asia and Europe. Govind has been Technical Expert for Legal Teams in Big-Ticket, high-profile Global Intellectual Property Litigations. Outcomes from these Litigations have set precedence to evolution of FOSS Compliance in Commercial Software Products today.

Webinar on How do you make your start-up flywheel work

The session will talk regarding
– How to effectively scale your start-up ? - What are important aspects of start-up growth ?
Chandrabhanu Pattajoshi, Founded Glossaread Technologies Pvt Ltd, an EdTech Start-up creating better access towards basic learning resources & the study material on a single unified platform.
17+ yrs of experience with diverse understanding of businesses from a global & country perspective and monetizing content across genres through diverse mediums like Print, Television, Radio and Internet, with a deep understanding of P&L and its management.

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