Term Sheet & Shareholding Agreement

Masterclass 1

Date: April 17, 2021, Saturday, Time: 11:30 AM

Vivek Gupta (Moderator)

Co-founder & Director -DFAN, Mentor & Angel Investor, Digital Transformation Consultant

Varun Sethi

Lawyer, Consultant, Blockchain Expert, and a Public Speaker

  • Important Clauses in Term Sheet & Shareholders Agreement to protect the interest of Investors- Tag-Along & Drag-Along Rights, Right of first refusal or right of the first offer, Exit Clause, Liquidation Clause, Anti Dilution and Post Governance Clause.
  • Crucial information in these documents: Investment Instrument, Valuation, Pre-money, and Post-money cap table.
  • Other significant Clauses:  Appointment of the Board of Observer, Secondary Sale, and ESOP creation.